5 Male Influencers You Need To Follow (on Instagram) in 2020

What up my dudes!

The Pogi Project is all about men’s fashion and lifestyle content, and what better way to bring interest to this blog than to plug some of the influencers who inspire it.

Here are 5 male influencers that you should follow in 2020!


Hugo is based in Toronto, ON, and posts fashion and fitness content. His style is very minimalistic, but luxurious. I specifically enjoy how he layers his outfits because let me tell you something — it’s hard to have a fashionable outfit in the winter.


If you can imagine the bikers from Grease and a villain from a high school anime having a baby, we’re pretty sure it would be Tristan. His feed is nothing like I’ve seen before so please go check him out.


What we love about Brian’s overall style is how he plays with masculine and feminine elements. From colours, to cuts, he is a wizard with style and rocks out with or without make up on! Definitely check him out if you’re looking to try something different with your own look.


This guy’s got great style with the move to match. Marc is the co-owner of the thriving Winnipeg-based vintage thrift shops: @thriftingminds. His vibrant street style outfits are fire both on the streets and on the dance floor. This guy is definitely going places so make sure you follow him to keep up.


We couldn’t make a list without including my number one Instagram inspiration, Stevie Salle. The Seattle-based content creator is best known for his fashion videos on YouTube. If you’re looking to fill your feed with luxury streetwear outfits or high quality urban photos, you need to get him on your radar.

These are just a few of the Instagram creators you need to watch out for in 2020. If you have any suggestions, make sure you follow us on Instagram at @thepogiproject and tag us on their profiles! We have a few exciting project launching this February and March. Make sure to follow to keep up with the fun.

Till next time,


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