You can’t mention barbers in Winnipeg without talking about Casey Simbulan. As Team Pogi has mentioned in many of our podcast episodes, Casey started a wave of young barbers in our city. Listen to his story and make sure to visit his shop Case & Park!

Casey Simbulan: https://www.instagram.com/caseysimbulan/

Case & Park: https://www.caseandpark.com/

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The Pogi Project

TPPS2E1: Wait…You’re Filipino and a Vegan?

LISTEN HERE: https://anchor.fm/thepogiproject/episodes/Wait—Youre-A-Filipino-Vegan—ft–Ian-Supnet-ecalmp/a-a1rdktr

We’re back!

Our first guest and contest winner, Ian Supnet (@whatsupnet on Instagram and Spotify) joins TEAM POGI to talk about his experiences as a vegan. Filipino culture is so heavily tied to the food and it was really hard for us to grasp and comprehend what a Filipino vegan really was until we had this conversation. Bottom line — it’s possible, but you gotta be committed to doing it for the right reasons.

This episode is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, but we know you love coming back here to hang with us so here ya go!

Much love,



This episode of The Pogi Project Podcast was filmed live at Ian’s house before social distancing was in place. The remaining season 2 episodes were filmed remotely using an online app. We encourage all of you to practice social distancing and to wash your hands often.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay pogi.


We made it to the end!

Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given us the passed 3 months. Your feedback has only motivated us to keep creating fresh content and when we recorded this episode, we didn’t think we’d be able to record another season.

Surprise. We’re already recording season two. We absolutely love what we do and we love sharing our modern Filipino boy stories with you.

Thank you so much and watch out! Big things are coming for The Pogi Project.

Much love,


The Pogi Project Podcast LIVE Episode!

It’s here!

I still can’t believe this event already happened!

In this episode of The Pogi Project Podcast, the boys discuss their experience with racism within the Filipino community, and the relationships between “FOBS” and “whitewashed” Filipinos in Winnipeg. This topic was quite uncomfortable but necessary to bring up as it affects so many people in our city.

We recognize that this division within our culture is an issue among all cultures, and in order to solve it, we need to create a respectful dialogue around it.

We hope you learned something and think about how these issues affect you in your daily life. Send us a message about other topics we can cover and we’d love to find ways to discuss them openly, honestly, and respectfully.

Shout out to Brianne Fiebelkorn for documenting this full episode for us! She is an extremely talented media production student who would be an asset on any team.

Stay tuned for more content coming up!

Much love,


The Pogi Project Podcast Live Highlights!

It’s here!

We had our event a few days ago with CBC Manitoba and Kultivation Festival and we can’t believe the amazing response we had at it! It was so nice to see so many of your smiling faces and it warmed my heart to hear your thoughts on our podcast. I’m happy to know we’re making a difference for modern Filipino boys.

The full live recording will be up soon, but until then, please enjoy this highlights video by Rein Cabalquinto!

Much love,


The Pogi Project Podcast LIVE Photos


When I started this blog, I never thought anything like this would happen. This event was a product of restless nights and tons of work. Other than the podcast, managing this blog is quite the one man show and I a lot of the work that comes out is a product of trial and error.

Modern Filipino boy stories are so important to me, and I’m happy there are people who are interested in them. I hope Adrian, Aaron, and I can continue to tell our stories and find ways to inspire others to do the things they love to do.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our live podcast recording. Shout out to CBC Manitoba and Kultivation Festival F. A. M. D. for this opportunity and for highlighting the Filipino community in Winnipeg. Special thanks to Chunky’s Meats and Sweets and Case & Park Barbershop for sponsoring the delicious food and the sweet contest.

Our podcast will be available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts on May 1.

Much love,


The Pogi Project Ep. 6 — The Break Up Episode

It was bound to happen y’all. We broke up.

Not us, but we’ve broken up with people before (LOL).

In this episode, Adrian, Aaron, and I get real about the relationships we had in the past and how we cope with break ups. Love is a tricky thing and it’s rare to meet the “love of your life” on the first try. Sometimes it’s toxic, sometimes it’s long distance, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Remember to love yourselves first and to keep your head up high.

Much love,



Thank you so much for the overwhelming response on Instagram and our podcast! We would’ve never believed you if you told us our podcast would be reaching 100-200 listeners a week! That number is huge considering it isn’t available on a major streaming service like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Make sure you come to our event on March 10 at Garden City Shopping Centre from 5pm-7pm!

The Pogi Podcast Ep. 5 — See You Later Homie

Have you ever been in a position where your friends don’t really feel like friends anymore? Mood. Whatever the reason, something feels off and we don’t really know how to confront it. Sometimes a long conversation will fix this, other times it doesn’t. How do we break up with a friend who’s values don’t align with ours anymore?

BTW! MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR EVENT! CHECK THIS POST: https://thepogiproject.ca/2020/02/26/the-pogi-party-2020/

Much love,




We are pleased to announce that The Pogi Project will be hosting an activation in the new Kultivation X CBC Manitoba Pop Up in Garden City Mall. The pop up is an opportunity for the Filipino community in Winnipeg to share their stories, and we are so honoured to be a part of this occasion.

WHEN: March 10, 2020
WHERE: Garden City Shopping Centre (across from the food court)
TIME: 5:00PM – 7:00PM

Our live episode is called “How to be a Filipino Boy,” which is all about our experience growing up in Canada. One of the main topics we’ll be talking about is the relationship between “FOB” Filipinos and “whitewashed” Filipinos. Through this discussion, we’re hoping to shed light on the complexities of Filipino-Canadian identity and work towards uniting our people.

We will be doing a live Q + A so if you’re interested in weighing in on this discussion, or even learning more about running a fashion and lifestyle blog or podcast, join us!

We have a lot of exciting stuff happening at this podcast party!


And a few other things in the works. We are beyond thankful for this opportunity to take our blog and The Pogi Podcast to the next level, so shout out to Kultivation Festival F.A.M.D. and CBC Manitoba for giving us this chance.

We hope to see you there!

Much love,

Patrick, Aaron, and Adrian

The Pogi Podcast Ep. 4 — The Work Life Balance Struggle…Yo


Did you guys know that reading week became a thing to improve moral and mental health among students in post-secondary study?

I only found that out last year.

In this episode of The Pogi Podcast, we’re talking about the many ways we manage our busy schedules. On top of being full time students, Adrian, Aaron, and I also have part-time jobs, friends, and other commitments we need to be mindful of when planning our lives out. Wanna know how we manage stress in our busy lives?


Much love,


BTW: We have some very exciting news so follow our Instagram and stay tuned until Feb. 24. You won’t wanna miss it!

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