Our Story

Shot by Sam Stevenson

The Pogi Project is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog and podcast catered to the modern Filipino boy. Our mission ā€” to equip young Filipino men with the knowledge and inspiration they need to pursue their true success both within and outside our cultural norms.

We want to use our platform to celebrate the smart and stylish Filipino boys who want to do it all. It’s for the boys who power lift in the morning and go to church with their grandparents in the afternoon. It’s for the boys who wear scrubs for practicum, and Champion during dance practice. It’s for the boys who take their moms grocery shopping, and DJ at the club at night.

“I want to show young Filipinos that success isn’t just found in the careers our parents think are most stable. Success is found wherever you’re willing to chase it.”

-Patrick Eulalia, Founder of The Pogi Project

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