The First Post (not really)

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Hey brothers!

Summer is over. I said it. Say goodbye to the warm summer nights and say hello to those falling leaves. I know a lot of you are getting back into the work flow — whether it be school or work, we all have some exciting things coming up. For me, I have this blog for all of you!

The Pogi Project is a blog I created to help guys (and girls) become their pogi selves. The word pogi comes from the Philippines, and it simply means handsome, however, being pogi isn’t just about looks. It’s about looking and feeling your best, and then doing your best wherever you are. That’s exactly what this blog is for.

I want to help people live their pogi life. You’ll learn something new every week: from fashion and skin care, as well as success stories from myself and some of the coolest guys I know.

Tune in next Saturday for the first official post on our page!

Are you ready?

– P

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