The Pogi Podcast Ep. 4 — The Work Life Balance Struggle…Yo


Did you guys know that reading week became a thing to improve moral and mental health among students in post-secondary study?

I only found that out last year.

In this episode of The Pogi Podcast, we’re talking about the many ways we manage our busy schedules. On top of being full time students, Adrian, Aaron, and I also have part-time jobs, friends, and other commitments we need to be mindful of when planning our lives out. Wanna know how we manage stress in our busy lives?


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The Pogi Podcast Ep. 2 (Valentine’s Day Special) — First Dates

This episode of The Pogi Podcast is all about our first date experiences. Each of us are in different places in terms of relationships and experience.

This Valentine’s Day, I know a lot of you guys may be doing something special with a loved one so here are some of the tips and topics we talked about that might help you out:

  • Who should pay on a first date?
  • When should you be planning the second or third date?
  • What questions SHOULD you ask and AVOID asking?

Enjoy the episode homies!

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