TPPS2E1: Wait…You’re Filipino and a Vegan?

LISTEN HERE:—Youre-A-Filipino-Vegan—ft–Ian-Supnet-ecalmp/a-a1rdktr

We’re back!

Our first guest and contest winner, Ian Supnet (@whatsupnet on Instagram and Spotify) joins TEAM POGI to talk about his experiences as a vegan. Filipino culture is so heavily tied to the food and it was really hard for us to grasp and comprehend what a Filipino vegan really was until we had this conversation. Bottom line — it’s possible, but you gotta be committed to doing it for the right reasons.

This episode is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, but we know you love coming back here to hang with us so here ya go!

Much love,



This episode of The Pogi Project Podcast was filmed live at Ian’s house before social distancing was in place. The remaining season 2 episodes were filmed remotely using an online app. We encourage all of you to practice social distancing and to wash your hands often.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay pogi.

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