The Pogi Project Podcast LIVE Episode!

It’s here!

I still can’t believe this event already happened!

In this episode of The Pogi Project Podcast, the boys discuss their experience with racism within the Filipino community, and the relationships between “FOBS” and “whitewashed” Filipinos in Winnipeg. This topic was quite uncomfortable but necessary to bring up as it affects so many people in our city.

We recognize that this division within our culture is an issue among all cultures, and in order to solve it, we need to create a respectful dialogue around it.

We hope you learned something and think about how these issues affect you in your daily life. Send us a message about other topics we can cover and we’d love to find ways to discuss them openly, honestly, and respectfully.

Shout out to Brianne Fiebelkorn for documenting this full episode for us! She is an extremely talented media production student who would be an asset on any team.

Stay tuned for more content coming up!

Much love,


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