The Pogi Project Ep. 6 — The Break Up Episode

It was bound to happen y’all. We broke up.

Not us, but we’ve broken up with people before (LOL).

In this episode, Adrian, Aaron, and I get real about the relationships we had in the past and how we cope with break ups. Love is a tricky thing and it’s rare to meet the “love of your life” on the first try. Sometimes it’s toxic, sometimes it’s long distance, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Remember to love yourselves first and to keep your head up high.

Much love,



Thank you so much for the overwhelming response on Instagram and our podcast! We would’ve never believed you if you told us our podcast would be reaching 100-200 listeners a week! That number is huge considering it isn’t available on a major streaming service like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Make sure you come to our event on March 10 at Garden City Shopping Centre from 5pm-7pm!

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