What’s up homies!

With the return of The Pogi Podcast, I thought it was time to introduce you all to your lovely cast.

Aaron, Adrian, and I met each other while they were all in high school, but didn’t hit it off until university and college. Though they weren’t all tight, each of us maintained a dope looking Instagram filled with outfits, food, and fun.

Winnipeg has been blessed with this community of smart, stylish, and talented young Filipino boys. This purpose of this blog has always been to uplift our brothers to find success in their own right; this includes fashion, studies, design, and entrepreneurship.

Our goal with this podcast is to share our style and life experiences so that other Filipino boys can do what we’re doing now — chase our dreams, look great, and have fun.

The podcast starts 02/01 at MIDNIGHT.


We’re giving away 10 free stickers to the first 10 people to follow the rules below!

  1. Follow @thepogiproject on Instagram
  2. Follow @patrizzy, @adrian.siapno, and @aaronamad0 on Instagram
  3. Share this post on your story!!

That’s all you gotta do homies, catch you on 02/01 for the premiere!

Much love,

Team Pogi

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