How Haircuts Make Me Feel

There’s something about getting a haircut makes a guy feel like a whole new person. The minute I step out of the barbershop, my clothes fit nicer, my skin looks clearer — everything is just much better.

Growing up, my parents always made me get what many would call a “bowl cut” or a “mushroom cut”. I was always frustrated with that because I was never in control of my look. I’m sure there are many of you who have parent who feel the need to control everything about you.

Don’t get me wrong — they do know what’s best for you a lot of the time, but your look isn’t one of them.

When I was finally old enough to drive, I began going to the barber by myself. This was the start of a very bossy Patrick.

“Fade this!”

“Texturize that!”

“Not too much off the top!”

Hair is fun to experiment with so don’t be scared to play around with different styles. You can have it long and bouncy. You can wear it short and pointy. There are so many styles to play with!

If you’re based in Winnipeg, I definitely recommend Casey Simbulan from Case & Park! He’s been my barber for six years and he’s never let me down.

I’m thinking of doing a sit down interview with a barber to shine some light on hairstyles and products. For now, here are a few pictures of my latest cut.

Till next time,


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